Small carp, microchip surrounded by rice, small carp, immuno-boost pellets
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Fish Supplies

CarpFollowing the successful rearing of small carp in 2004, I have been involved in joint,carp-rearing exercises with several clients.

The carp are stocked as young individuals that are born in late January in the state-of-the-art coldwater fish hatchery at Rodbaston College, near Stafford. The parents are carp from Orchid Lakes, near Abingdon, and the Carp Society’s Horseshoe Lake, near Lechlade – both venues known for specimen fish to 40lb+.

The fish are 50:50 commons and mirrors, with a high percentage of fully-scaled mirrors. They are characterised by the red tinge to the edges of the lower fins, a coloration which becomes more pronounced with age. The carp look fantastic and are as fat as butter.

They have the capability for extremely fast growth: some of the 2004 fish weighed over 20lb at just four years of age (see picture), and they have the potential to grow to 30lb+ within 6-7 years!

The carp are fed during the spring and summer on a complete, specialist carp pellet diet in ponds protected by anti-predators nets and overhead wires.

Winter 2012 - 13

Some of these clients now have fish for sale, with harvesting in Winter 2012 -13. If you are interested in any of these fish, please contact me.

1. A client in Worcestershire has been growing on a group of these fish, obtained as small individuals in late spring 2008. The fish have been held in a dedicated growing-on pond containing no other fish, under anti-predator netting. They have been fed by hand and not subject to any angling.

The carp still available for purchase in one batch comprise 30 fish of between 8lb and about 11lbs.
Their price per pound matches their weight band (an 8-pounder is £8.00/lb, a 9-pounder £9.00/lb, etc.)

2. A batch of ex-Rodbaston carp were stocked into newly-created, otherwise fishless two acre lake in north Notts. In late spring 2012. They have grown well, despite the poor summer, and about 300 are being harvested and sold in one batch during winter 2012-13. The fish weigh between 2.5lb and 4lb+ and are available for purchase at £6.00/lb.

3. The purchaser of some of my original fish (some six years ago) - Chris Manifold at Lana Springs in Devon - has since bred from these fish and is selling the excess as he builds up his stocks ahead of offering the full range of sizes for sale.

Moreover, Chris has hand-reared the carp, which have not been mixed with ANY other carp or, indeed, other coarse fish, and they are health-checked regularly.

You will see what the fish look like in the many photos on Chris’s website – here:

All of photos can be enlarged by clicking on them. The appearance of the fish is identical to those listed earlier as they originated from the same batch of parents.


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Small carp, microchip surrounded by rice, small carp, immuno-boost pellets
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