Small carp, microchip surrounded by rice, small carp, immuno-boost pellets
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'Immuno-Boost' Pellets – a breakthrough in fish welfare

After much research into unexplained mortalities of coarse fish, and following various trials, Broughton Fishery Technologies has launched a ground-breaking range of ‘Immuno-Boost’ coarse fish pellets. The product was developed by fisheries management consultant, Dr Bruno Broughton, and well known fishery owner Roy Marlow.

The special food – in pelleted form – provides a highly nutritious, balanced food source for coarse fish, with various natural additives, including vitamin C, glucans and naturally-derived immuno-stimulants. It does not contain drugs or antibiotics.


Key benefits of ‘Immuno-Boost’ Pellets

  • Immuno-Boost PelletsAttractive, nutritionally-balanced coarse fish feed
  • Natural ingredients without drugs or antibiotics
  • Cost-effective and convenient means of helping to prevent health problems
  • Rapid boost to fish immune systems
  • Effects last several weeks
  • Can be used to help prevent fish health problems


General Information

Immuno-Boost pellets can be fed safely, whenever they are required, as a supplement to but not as a total replacement for the existing diet of the fish. A week-long treatment should provide a sufficient boost to the immune system to last for the following three weeks (i.e. the feeding ration covers one month). It is important that the feeding is NOT spasmodic over the entire month but is concentrated into the first week. Feeding rates will depend on the quantity of fish present and the water temperature.

The pellets are 6mm in diameter, so that are able to be consumed by both small and large fish.

Please continue to page 2 for information on treatment. Downloadable PDF files are available for the calculation chart and order form.


Small carp, microchip surrounded by rice, small carp, immuno-boost pellets
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