Small carp, microchip surrounded by rice, small carp, immuno-boost pellets
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Fish Microchipping


Bruno's Hungarian vizsla, DoddieThe microchipping of fish involves the insertion beneath the skin of a small, bio-compatible 'chip' embedded in a glass capsule about the size of a grain of rice. The chip is a passive device which is activated when a scanner is passed over the fish to 'read' the chip's unique, 15-digit code number using the latest, state-of-the-art Radio Frequency Indentification (RFID) technology. It provides an invisible but secure means of identifying each fish with 100 per cent certainty.

The microchips are suitable for application to coarse, salmonids and ornamental fish of 8ozs or larger (250g+).


Product Information

Microchip surrounded by grains of riceEach microchip is supplied in a special disposable syringe, enclosed in a sterile wrapper. The sterile microchip, embedded in a biocompatible glass capsule, is applied beneath the skin and will outlive fish – the microchip lifespan is 99+ years! The microchip causes no disfigurement, fish damage or irritation to tissues and cannot be removed without serious damage to or death of fish.

A unique 15-digit code is embedded in each microchip (no duplicate number in the world) and is incorruptible – the number cannot be altered or obliterated. The microchip number can be entered on the national ‘Petlog’ database and is accessible by purchasers if required and for a small fee.

Microchips are activated when the hand-held reader is passed over the tagged area. Each reader is supplied with heavy duty battery & padded carry case, with lifetime guarantee.


Product Benefits

  • Use of proven, modern technology to aid effective fisheries management
  • Rapid, readily applied, affordable, permanent means of marking individual fish
  • Acts as a major and effective deterrent against casual and organised fish theft
  • 100% positive proof of fish ownership if fish are sold, purchased, stolen or recovered
  • Police and animal rescue services can quickly identify owner of lost or intercepted fish
  • Fish history, capture record, growth rate and condition can be monitored easily and rapidly
  • Provides opportunities for anglers to obtain immediate, on-the-bank data on each fish
  • Easy identification of individual fish during selection of breeding stock
  • Opportunities for tagged fish competitions and catch reporting incentives
  • Numerous applications for a wide variety of behavioural and other scientific studies

For further information contact Bruno.

Small carp, microchip surrounded by rice, small carp, immuno-boost pellets
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